We offer the use of Rapsodo hitting and pitching sessions on an individual basis. Using the Rapsodo for you development can be key to seeing that what you are doing is working the way it should. On the pitching side of things Rapsodo tracks the velocity, spin, vertical and horizontal break, location, etc. of all of you pitches. Do you notice your curve ball is moving when you throw it? Rapsodo sessions can track the pitches spin to see if it is spinning correctly and efficiently. On the hitting side we are able to track velocity, distance, ball spin, etc. throughout a single session. Hitting too many popups during the game? A Rapsodo session can give us the feedback necessary to help you make changes.

The other key reason to get tracked via Rapsodo is the National Player Database. Rapsodo has put together a database that is accessible by College Coaches and they are able to track your progress, which is HUGE for recruiting. On the professional side of sports Rapsodo numbers (especially for pitchers) is becoming huge for the scouting process leading up to the Major League Baseball Draft. 

We are beginning our Summer of Rapsodo beginning on Wednesday July 1 and will run until August 8th. Our goal with this program is to offer softball and baseball players of all ages to compete with players in their age brackets and see how they stand up to athletes in levels above them. We will have sessions available each day that will be open to come in and hit. We will be tracking exit velocity, distance, line drive, and hard hit percentage. Baseball players will also be tracking their batting average (we will begin tracking softball as soon as Rapsodo makes the updates to their softball system). Upon registration we will reach out to get information on each athlete.

All athletes must first go through a assessment session prior to running a regular session. We also recommend bringing someone to catch you for a pitching session. The schedule of availability for Rapsodo will be free flowing this summer. If you have any questions please let us know.

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Baseball/Softball Total Athlete Development
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About Our Total Athlete Development Program

Our Total Athlete Development Program is designed for softball and baseball players in middle school through college athletes.

The program combines our athletic performance training with customized throwing, batting, and recovery programs for each athlete. We use a data-driven, constraints led approach – this means we track everything and use tools like weighted bats to increase swing speed and more exit velocity at the plate.

The program includes the use of plyoballs, medicine balls, j-bands, and overloaded bats, to name a few.

The average training sessions runs between 90-120 minutes and is offered Monday – Friday during normal hours.

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