Baseball/Softball Total Athlete Development

We will be holding Rapsodo assessments for softball players this winter. Rapsodo assessments are a great way to get a detailed look at what you are doing on both sides of the ball and we give you the details on how you can use the data to better develop yourself as a hitter/pitcher. Rapsodo is used by college teams at all levels for the development of their athletes and on the recruiting side as well. Please see the schedule below for each age group. We will only be accepting 10 players per session. The opportunity is also available for individual and team sessions. Please email us to get more info on those. All sessions will include athletic assessments, skill assessments, and Rapsodo data collection assessments.

Feb 21, 12 p.m.- 16/18u Infield/Outfield

Feb 21, 2 p.m.- 14u Pitchers/Catchers

Rapsodo Assessments

Rapsodo Recruiting

​Total Athlete Development

About Our Total Athlete Development Program

Our Total Athlete Development Program is designed for softball and baseball players in middle school through college athletes.

The program combines our athletic performance training with customized throwing, batting, and recovery programs for each athlete. We use a data-driven, constraints led approach – this means we track everything and use tools like weighted bats to increase swing speed and more exit velocity at the plate.

The program includes the use of plyoballs, medicine balls, j-bands, and overloaded bats, to name a few.

The average training sessions runs between 90-120 minutes and is offered Monday – Friday during normal hours.

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