With COVID-19 causing shutdowns around the country it has made recruiting that much harder for athletes and college coaches. We emailed 40+ college coaches and the majority of them said that if they could have Rapsodo data paired with video and testing data it would go a long way to be able to see an athletes potential. With that information, we will be hosting our Rapsodo Recruiting Clinic on August 15. Separate sessions will be held for pitchers/catchers and for fielding. All athletes will receive the following:

-Rapsodo Data

-Rapsodo Video 

-Athletic Testing Numbers

-Files with all Video and Testing Data

-Custom Recruiting Profile and Recruiting Suggestions

Our goal is to give each and every athlete the best possible chance to get on colleges radar. 

Due to restrictions and safety surrounding COVID-19m space will be limited to 8 athletes each session and more sessions may open up if all our filled.

​Total Athlete Development

Baseball/Softball Total Athlete Development
Rapsodo Recruiting

Rapsodo Recruiting Clinic for Baseball and Softball Players - August 15, 2020

About Our Total Athlete Development Program

Our Total Athlete Development Program is designed for softball and baseball players in middle school through college athletes.

The program combines our athletic performance training with customized throwing, batting, and recovery programs for each athlete. We use a data-driven, constraints led approach – this means we track everything and use tools like weighted bats to increase swing speed and more exit velocity at the plate.

The program includes the use of plyoballs, medicine balls, j-bands, and overloaded bats, to name a few.

The average training sessions runs between 90-120 minutes and is offered Monday – Friday during normal hours.

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