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softball clinic
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If you’re wondering how to help your athlete get recruited by college coaches, Peak Recruiting is here to help you navigate the process – for free.

The recruiting arm of Peak Performance Athletics, which was formally known as First & Seventh Athletics, is now called Peak Recruiting.

Peak Recruiting is focused on helping baseball and softball players throughout Delaware and Maryland be seen by prospective colleges that best fit our athletes’ academic and athletic goals.

Athletes who participate in Peak Recruiting will have their information shared with subscribing college coaches through our website which houses a database of each athlete’s profile, including stats, academic information, videos, and other data.

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Peak Recruiting Clinics
Peak Recruiting Clinics are designed to allow us to gather stats on each athlete in order to grow their profile in our database. The information allows college coaches to get to know the athlete better to see if the athlete could be a good fit for their program.

On April 3 at 7 p.m. we will be hosting our Basketball Recruit Day at the Calvary Community Center in Dover, DE. Athletes will be put through multiple athletic tests that will be used to build their recruiting profile that we put together to help showcase each and every athlete. We will also put the athletes through various basketball specific drills to help showcase what each athlete brings to the table for prospective college coaches. Each athlete will receive a highlight video from the day and a recruiting profile. We will also work closely with each athlete to help them narrow down a list of schools that best fits their goals/aspirations that they can begin to reach out to prior to the NCAA Live Period.

On April 17 at 7 p.m. we will be hosting our Volleyball Recruit Day at the Calvary Community Center in Dover, DE. Each athlete will be put through volleyball specific athletic tests that we know college like to see the results from. Athletes will then be put through position specific drills that we will video to showcase your abilities to the prospective coaches. Each athlete who attends will receive an athlete profile that we use to populate our database for prospective coaches and that the athlete can use when they are reaching out to colleges that they are interested in. We will also sit down and work with each athlete and their family to find a list of schools that best fit their aspirations as a student athlete at the next level.

Space will be limited for each session so don't hesitate register.

Recruiting Videos

Recruiting videos are a must when it comes to getting recruited. College coaches cannot make it to every game so being able to send them skills videos and/or game film is a must. We can help you with all of this. If you are interested please contact us to set up a consultation at